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About Rainwater Harvesting

Household rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems can be very simple as the water is collected and used at the same point, thus reducing the need for lengthy channeling and transmitting infrastructure. This is particularly useful in areas with dispersed housing patterns, where it may not be cost effective to lay pipeline to remote scattered houses.

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Creating a RWH System

Before the advent of centralized conventional potable water supply systems, RWH was the only means of water security in all the Caribbean islands. The practice continues to remain the mainstay of water supply in many of the drier islands such as the Grenadines, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas.

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Find some of our knowledge products on RWH in the Caribbean.

Technical Products

Our Research Publications and Mapping Products.

Regional and National Initiatives

Our efforts to promote the use of sustainable water resources, with its focus being RWH.

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